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Grooming Guide – West Highland Terrier

Grooming Tips Here’s a good video for grooming your Westie. This video is a few years old. I have referenced it a few times over the years when I have had to groom my girls. One thing to remember with this video, this is for grooming your pet, not for show. If you’re looking for […]

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Benji Keeping a Look Out?

I normally don’t like to post pictures on here with Humans, but this was pretty darn funny! This little guy has no issues with Benji’s lack of knowing where one’s personal space is! HA 🙂  

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Home Alone Westie Style

Just what I think my Westies do all day long while we’re at work!  

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Westie Humor

Dear Gravity- Please bring food my way, AMEN!! Too Funny!

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Plenty of Westies in This X-Mas Themed Video

This is definitely one of my favorite videos of a pack of Westies running around and playing! They all are having fun!      

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